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The Artist as a Startup

By Chris Howard The Problem Being an artist is a lonely adventure sometimes. And whilst the ability for an artist to talk with another artist artistically is second nature to many, even the simplest of non-arty tasks can bamboozle the most creative of humans. It wasn’t always this way. Before the recorded music industry becameContinue reading “The Artist as a Startup”


Collaboration. It’s something we all do. In fact I can’t think of a single project I’ve been involved in which doesn’t include collaboration in some form, and many that succeed or fail based on the quality of the collaboration. Wether it’s the musicians you play with on a regular basis, or a one-off project withContinue reading “Collaboration”

Hyelim Kim

Interview with Hyelim Kim, a performer of the traditional Korean taegum flute, now resident in the UK and engaged in cutting edge contemporary music. As a Korean traditional musician, my musical foundation is rooted on Korean tradition. I was selected as the pioneering artist by the Korean Arts Council; and was selected as the KumhoContinue reading “Hyelim Kim”

Ghosts in the Machine

A short article about playing music and the subtle influences of the ghosts of your heroes. Ghosts At a small gathering at the Amsterdam Conservatoire, Dhruba Ghosh, master of the Hindustani sarangi, spoke about ghosts. These were the ghosts of musical heroes, influences and teachers. Each of these were lodged in his musical subconsciousness, onlyContinue reading “Ghosts in the Machine”